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4 Handy Ideas That Will Work Well With Your Roof Remodeling

Roofing remodel is an activity you want to be in the thick of because as you look at the roofing crew tear down the musty underlining, faded shingles, & rotting wood, it’s like a revelation!

With so many ideas racing through your mind about the upcoming roofing upgrade, it’s hard to curb desire & spending. That’s why Modern Exterior Systems puts a light hand on your excitement to suggest four practical but handy ideas you can use to the benefit of your roof, your budget, & your home’s value!

1. You Could Use Synthetics

Many people don’t consider the materials they will be using beneath their shingle-style, nordic roofs, but it makes all the difference when summers beat over your head. For a time, felt underlays used to be the material of choice to come on the roof, followed by shingles. But then polyurethanes came out and changed the game.

The material is perfect for roofing insulation protection & affords your roof a boom in durability. Interestingly, the synthetic is far thinner than felt but anchors your shingles better.

2. Opt For Stone Roofing

Shingles are a norm; we get it! But if the materials get too boring, there is always stone to opt-in roofing remodel. True, stone & slate tiles are a tad bit expensive, but they will last you ages; plus, this handy idea adds loads to your home’s resale value.

However, if you decide on stone, you may need to resound your roof for structural integrity.

3. A Touch Of Heat Deflection

There are hot roofs & cold roofs; there was also a time when a heat deflection paint came out that acted as a shield between the sun & your roof’s shingles. But thanks to innovations in shingle design, there are better heat deflection shingles that you can have sourced through us.

The pros about deflection shingles are that they significantly bring down your HVAC utility costs because they do throw the heat off your back!

4. Maybe A Gutter Upgrade

Even though it is a roofing project, people tend to forget about the roof drainage upgrades and where the problem lasts. Gutters get overlooked on remodels, repairs & upgrades because they aren’t as obvious as shingles, tiles, or even underlying insulation. If you want to go ahead with a gutter & downspout renewal, you can always go for aluminum as it does not rust. Aluminum is lightweight, easily installed, & can be sourced in custom designs.

An idea that may come in handy is a water collection system that you can hook up with a reservoir & filtration unit. It’s well suited to minimalist home styles & might take up a bit of the budget, but you recoup the costs immediately.

Roofing projects can be strenuous, but it’s cold enough in Edina, MN, to start the teardown. However, if you start with a consult & free quote with us, we can guide you to your dream roof design until at least the light snow stops. Edina does get the occasional snow patch, so teardown season (spring) will begin by the time the design is done!

Modern Exterior Systems sure does sound like a communications company, but if you think of it, we do communicate roofing quality, perfection, durability, creativity, & service variety to our clients!

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