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Roofing services for Churches in the Twin Cities

Church Roofing Services Minneapolis MN

We know your church is an important and holy building. We’re here to uphold its structural integrity. The roof is an integral part of a church’s exterior design as it protects the interior and the people inside. People see their church as a safe haven, and a durable roof is key to preserve this image. Churches need durable commercial roofing to make sure they can withstand heavy rain, hail, and snow. Modern Exterior Systems is here to help with your church roofing project in Minneapolis MN!


The best commercial roofer for church roofing projects in the Twin Cities

Churches are often characterized by their beautiful architecture and intricate roof designs. With details such as arches and spires, church roof structures require a much higher skill set than most commercial roofing projects. We have the expertise and equipment needed to efficiently and safely work on even the most complex church roofs.

Keep your church’s roof beautiful and protected with our commercial roofing for churches! If you are looking for commercial roofing services for churches in Minneapolis MN, our licensed and insured roofers are here to help.


Features and Benefits of ModEx Commercial Church Roofing Services

Commercial roofing is a specialized field, where the right contractor not only knows all the features and benefits of different materials but also how to navigate every angle of the project from start to finish. The ModEx crew has years of experience facilitating large commercial construction projects for top Minnesota builders, architects, developers, property owners and more. These experiences give us insight into the challenges and opportunities involved in each stage of a project. We know what to expect at every turn along the way so we can be proactive in solving problems before they become expensive delays or worse yet leave you with an unfinished building shell. We’ve done it all before! So let ModEx take care of your next commercial building roofing project.

At ModEx, we believe in taking care of our customers. We take pride in our relationships with local businesses to build long-lasting working partnerships that create value over the short and long term. We understand how important it is for small businesses to get things done on time, within budget and without issues that could keep you from focusing on other parts of your business or lifestyle. That’s why at ModEx we don’t just send out a “crew with a truck…numbers in hand!” We have specialized teams (i.e.: metal crew) who will start work on the day they are scheduled. Our crews and resources are not shared with other jobs which means we can complete your project when it is scheduled while still providing the quality you expect. In our industry, small crews pay big dividends!

We have extensive experience in all areas of commercial roofing including: high performance metal, light gauge metal, flat roofs, shingle roofs (timber & composite), slate tile roofs and more. We work seamlessly with architects and designers to create innovative solutions for any application. ModEx will walk through your plans at the start of a job to provide expert advice on the structural capacity of different roof styles based on building size and environmental factors that affect long-term durability. At ModEx we take pride in being a full-service commercial roofing contractor.

Our experienced foremen are trained to ensure that all phases of construction and materials orders are in line with your project plan, unique specifications and budget expectations. At ModEx we take our commitment to customer service seriously, which means going above and beyond what other contractors do for their clients! We also work closely with architects and designers to ensure that scheduling needs run seamlessly in tandem with the building plans and resources at hand. ModEx is 100% committed to providing you with an exemplary new construction roofing project. We are local, available 7 days a week and flexible to fit your busy schedule for any phase of the process.

Your commercial roofing project just got a lot easier

We handle all kinds of commercial construction roofing projects in Minneapolis and the surrounding area, including:

✅ Warehouse construction (roofing has different requirements than residential)

✅ Metal buildings (we know all the tricks for easy installation over existing structures)

✅ Installing new windows to match your building’s aesthetic needs. Need a double pane window? No problem! We can deliver that style too!


Asphalt roofs


Gutter installation


Wood shake


Insurance estimates


Metal roofing


Licensed general contracting


Flat roofing


Leak detection


Roof repairs


Roof replacement


Commercial roofing contractor for Minneapolis and the Twin Cities

A commercial building / new construction requires more than just materials, roofers and contractors. It also needs a lot of paperwork to be filed at the city, county and state level – especially if you’re adding on or expanding an existing structure. ModEx can create all required permits for your project so you have only one team member to deal with!

Commercial projects often need extensive remodeling and additions such as:

✅ Adding more stories onto your commercial building (usually a steel or concrete frame is used)

✅ Changing from metal roofs to shingle roofs (we also install all types of tile roofs)

✅ Installing solar panels on top of warehouses (also do flat roofs, too!)

✅ Adding glass roofs to additional stories


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