Siding can be an integral component of your property’s exterior finish. It protects the structure, provides a decorative element to the home, and helps with insulation. Siding is also one of those features that can make or break your curb appeal. But what happens when there are problems with it?

What if you need siding repair or replacement for your property? That’s where Modern Exterior Systems comes in!

Our Residential Siding Services

We offer siding repair and replacement services for homeowners who live in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities. We work with various materials, including vinyl siding, fiber cement sider panels, steel, and various other exterior options.

Our experienced professionals can make any necessary repairs or replace old sides with new ones from reputable manufacturers. We also focus on providing cost-effective solutions by using products that will give you years of service without needing frequent replacements or expensive maintenance.

Our Commercial Siding Services

In addition to professional siding services for homeowners, we also offer premier quality fiber cement siding and metal panel siding solutions for commercial properties. These materials are both durable and attractive, so your workplace gets an impressive look without sacrificing quality or resilience to weathering effects!

We work with you – from design to installation – to ensure that you get precisely what you want in terms of exterior style and appearance.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to learn more about what type of siding might be right for your property or how Modern Exterior Systems can help you with your exterior needs!