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Stone-Coated Steel Roofs: Worth It Or Nay?

Can anything be more frustrating than a bad roof? A leaky roof can turn your home into a soggy mess in no time, and repairing or replacing it can be an expensive hassle.

If you’re like most people, the prospect of a new roof is about as appealing as a root canal. But, suppose if we told you that you could have a beautiful new roof that’s virtually maintenance-free – Interested in learning more? Keep reading!

What is a Stone-Coated Steel Roof?

Steel roofs are typically composed of many layers, starting with galvanized steel sheets. The steel panels are then coated in a primer to ensure that it adheres effectively to future coatings, including acrylic paint.

The base is made of metal, protecting it from UV and water damage. It also acts as an adhesive for the stone granules, the next layer. Finishing the product with an acrylic overglaze provides gloss to the stones and further protection.

Why Choose a Stone-Coated Steel Roof?

There are various interesting reasons to opt for a stone-coated steel roof for your home. Here are just a few:


Whether you like the aesthetic of conventional asphalt shingles, wood shake, or clay tile, stone-coated steel roofing is likely to be a good fit. For those looking for a more budget-friendly way to get the look of tile roofing without spending an arm and a leg, stone-coated steel is an excellent option.

The most exciting part is that manufacturers provide a range of colors and styles to choose from, so you can enhance the curb appeal of your property.


Stone-coated steel roofs are built to last. In fact, most manufacturers offer a transferable warranty that lasts for the product’s lifetime. The material is incredibly tough and resistant to fire, impact, high winds, and extreme weather conditions.

In addition, stone-coated steel roofs are resistant to pests, rot, and mold. This is a huge selling point, especially in regions that experience regular wildfires or hurricanes.

Energy Efficient:

Stone-coated metal imbued with infrared-blocking colors, and vented installation can reduce the heat transferred to a structure by 70 percent compared to asphalt shingle roofs.

This makes stone-coated steel roofs more energy-efficient, but it can also help lower your monthly cooling costs. We’re talking about batts with vents installed in them, allowing hot air to flow above the roof deck and out through the roof ridge rather than heating up the building.

Some Added Benefits:

  • Durability, around 50 years, is another factor that makes stone-coated steel roofs more energy-efficient in the long run.
  • As metal roofs can be recycled, sustainability is yet another selling point.
  • They’re also light-weighted, which is a nice perk for installation because it requires less support from the underlying structure.

The Downsides:

Of course, nothing is perfect, and stone-coated steel roofs also have a few drawbacks.

The main one is the cost. Steel roofing is more expensive than most other types of roofing, so it may not be an option for everyone.

In addition to that, these roofs can be noisy during rainstorms or when hail hits them. But that’s manageable, right? Especially if you enjoy the sound of rain pitter-pattering on your roof.

Bottom Line:

If you wonder whether stone-coated steel roofs are worth it, the answer is a resounding yes! These roofs are strong, durable, and beautiful, and they can last for decades with proper maintenance.

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