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Wood Shake Roof: Its Advantages Over Asphalt Shingles

Many people think that asphalt shingles are the only option for roofing material, but that’s not correct! There are various excellent roofing materials, and one of the best is wood shake. Wood shake roofs have several advantages over asphalt shingles, so if you’re thinking about getting a new roof, be sure to consider wood shake for your house in Plymouth, MN!

Keep reading as Modern Exterior Systems discusses some of the advantages of wood shake roofs over asphalt shingles.

Natural Beauty:

Asphalt shingle roofs are made out of a mix of materials, including concrete and rubber. These materials aren’t very attractive because they’re unnatural and hard to match with exterior house paints. On the other hand, wood shake roofs are made from natural materials like cedar or redwood. This means that they will match the exterior paint of your house and will never look fake or tacky.


Asphalt shingles only last about 20 years on average, while wood shake roofs can last up to 30 years! Not only does this mean that you won’t have to replace your roof as often, but it also means that you’ll save a lot of money in the long run. Additionally, wood shake roofs are more resistant to fire and wind damage than asphalt shingles, so you know your roof will be safe during a storm.

Environmentally Friendly:

Asphalt shingles are made with non-renewable materials like coal and oil, while wood shake roofs are made from natural materials that can be replenished. This means that wood shake roofs are much more environmentally friendly than asphalt shingles, and you can feel good about knowing that your roof is helping the environment!

Best Insulator:

Wood is a poor conductor of heat, which means that it does not allow heat to pass through it quickly. This makes wood shake roofs one of the best insulators in the market. Your house stays cool during summer and warm during winter, saving you a lot of money on heating and cooling costs!

Better Airflow:

Wood shake roofs also have better airflow than asphalt shingles. It is because wood is a porous material, and air can easily flow through the spaces between the shakes. This helps to keep your attic cooler, which in turn keeps your entire house cooler! Reduced utility bills are just one of the many benefits of wood shake roofs over asphalt shingles.

Less Maintenance:

Wood shake roofs require little to no maintenance at all! Unlike asphalt, they do not need any annual repairs or replacements because they can last for decades without any problems whatsoever. This makes them a much better investment than conventional roofing materials like slate tiles, terra cotta tiles, and even metal sheets.


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